Traditional Easter Food & Ideas for DIY Goodies

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d do a blog dedicated to some traditional Easter food and give you a few ideas on little Easter themed goodies you could make at home to celebrate. As a catering company, we have lots of experience in hand crafting delicious sweet treats for our clients  and so we thought it’s only fair that we offer some of our knowledge and advice to you, so that you can get really stuck in this Easter and maybe even put on a themed spread for family and friends!


Traditional Easter food

So, let’s start with traditional Easter food. Although people don’t always stick to as much tradition around Easter time as they do around Christmas for example, there are still some delicious conventional meals and snacks that are served throughout Easter weekend. Easter is heavily revolved around food, and so sticking to tradition and experimenting with different kinds of food is a great way to absorb yourself in this time of year. Here are a few of the most common types of food you find:


Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are a very traditional Easter food, and are generally eaten on Good Friday. These delicious, rich tea cakes are great to serve up for breakfast, or perhaps as a light lunch, and go down a treat with millions of people each and every year.


Easter eggs

Perhaps the most obvious thing we indulge in (sometimes a little too much!) over Easter, are Easter eggs! It is tradition that on Easter Sunday you will give loved ones a chocolate Easter egg as a yummy treat. You can also host things like mini Easter egg hunts if you have children in the family. This is a very traditional game played around Easter where you will search for hidden eggs and collect them in a basket.


Boiled eggs

In keeping with the theme of eggs, boiled eggs are quite a traditional food to be consumed on Easter. This could be served as part of your breakfast, or even with a meal during the day.



For the main course on Easter Sunday, one of the most traditional kinds of food, and certainly the most traditional meat, is lamb. Roast, braised, however you would like, lamb is commonly served with Easter dinner. A lot of people, especially in the UK, will have a roast dinner with family on Easter, and lamb is most often the meat that is served with this.



To go alongside the lamb served in a traditional Easter Sunday dinner, it is also a tradition to have carrots. These are the perfect vegetable to serve up as part of your Easter dinner. Carrots are also associated with the Easter bunny, making them a staple part of any meal on Easter!


Make your own goodies!

Of course, Easter is notorious for the copious amounts of chocolate eggs we see on supermarket shelves for weeks, but that’s not to say that you can’t indulge in other sweet treats too. Easter is very much family orientated, and is about being together and enjoying time with your loved ones. A great way you can enjoy time together here, is by baking and decorating your very own Easter themed goodies! We thought we’d give you a few ideas of what you could make.


Homemade hot cross buns

As we have established, hot cross buns are a very traditional type of Easter food, however there is nothing quite like homemade food, right?! Making your own fresh and tasty hot cross buns also makes for a fun Easter activity and is great to serve up for the family. Recipes are easily accessible online, however this can be a little more time consuming than other treats you might make around Easter, so make sure you have enough time to ensure that they are made to perfection!


Easter themed cupcakes

Making your own Easter themed goodies doesn’t necessarily have to be anything big and complicated. Simply making some homemade cupcakes and decorating them with an Easter theme is just as satisfying, and is a fantastic way to involve the children and get them helping out, and these can also be great if you are hosting any kind of family get together over Easter for guests to enjoy. Perhaps you could hand-craft some bunny ears to go on top of some buttercream icing on the cupcakes, or maybe you want to keep it a little more simple and make something like cornflake cakes with mini eggs placed on top. Easter themed cupcakes are fun and easy to make and will most definitely go down a treat!


Rice krispy cakes

Who doesn’t love a rice krispy cake? The best thing about these (other than being delicious!) is that there are lots of different ways you can make them, and they are very easy to make! Whether you mold them together with some melted chocolate, or cut up some sticky rice krispy slices with mini eggs stuck in the middle of them. You can find various different recipes online to make the perfect krispy cakes, or you may even want to experiment yourself!


Easter cookies

Another classic sweet treat that is easy to make yourself and gives you a lot of freedom in how you make them, are cookies. You can theme your cookies by simply decorating them with baby coloured icing and patterns, or by using a cutter to cut them into the shape of things like eggs, or baby chicks. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you may want to bake your own cookies with delicious chocolatey treats melted inside them!

These are only a handful of traditional foods people have around Easter time. Here at Indulge Catering we are highly skilled in making and preparing fresh food and sweet treats for a range of clients. If you are hosting an event this Easter and would like us to help with the catering, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!

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