The Benefits of Having a Corporate Buffet

indulgeOne of the many types of catering we specialise in, is corporate events. We offer a selection of buffet options for any corporate event that you are hosting for your business, and here’s why you should try it…

It makes a great first impression

Having faultless catering at your corporate event shows good planning and accommodation to your guests, which therefore makes a great first impression of your business! With our corporate buffet options, we aim to provide a sublime selection of light snacks to keep your guests happy. Not only this it can be a slightly less formal talking point amongst visitors.

We provide fresh, quality cuisine

Each option within our corporate buffet range entails fresh, quality cuisine – the perfect way to accompany a fantastic event. Weather it’s cold, freshly made salads, or selection of sandwiches, everything we provide for you is of the highest quality and standard.

It’s tailored to suit YOU!

At Indulge Catering, we allow 10 different kinds of buffets for you to choose from. This includes everything from freshly prepared sandwiches and cakes, to danish pastries and individually prepared salads, to a ‘make your own’ option! We want to offer classic options to our customers, as well as give you the freedom to completely tailor it to your event. Furthermore, we are fully equipped to cater for any specific dietary requirements that you or your guests may have. Take a look at our corporate buffet options here.

Why you should choose Indulge Catering…

You should choose Indulge Catering to host your corporate buffet because we always go the extra mile. We provide the service from as little as 24 hours notice, and we can even get your buffet out to you if you order before 9:30am on that very morning. As well as that, we work to suit particular dietary requirements, as well as manage the whole organisation of the buffet and ensure that the correct temperature is maintained for the food you choose. Our service means no hassle and great organisation with professional assistance. Your corporate buffet doesn’t have to be your responsibility – leave it to us!