Rescheduled Events: How We Can Help You

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, so many things have changed and hundreds and thousands of events have had to be postponed. Amongst so many other things, one of the industries taking a big hit from the Coronavirus pandemic, is the events industry. Due to social distancing rules and all gatherings being cancelled for the time being, so many events have had to be postponed to a later date. This has caused havoc to those who have worked so hard to plan their events perfectly, from baby showers to weddings. 

Events of all kinds have had to be pushed back and altered to a rescheduled date. As a result, things may change, and you may feel as though you have to go through the stress of reorganising the whole thing all over again. However, this is where we can help! 

Here at Indulge Catering, we provide a high quality catering service to events in and around the area of Edinburgh. If your event has been rescheduled, we can have the catering covered so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!


Stress free

One of our main aims in our catering service and something that is very important to us, is that we take all worries and responsibility surrounding the catering out of your hands. This will lift the weight off your shoulders as you can rest assured that all of your catering needs will be well looked after and we will organise and arrange everything to your wishes. 

Furthermore, we cater to all dietary requirements and prepare food in an allergen-free environment when necessary. We are here to take care of the catering and remove any stress you feel regarding the re-planning of your event.


Happy guests

When planning any kind of event, one of the main focuses is to keep your guests happy. You want all of your guests to enjoy and remember the day. A part of the day that can contribute to this, is the catering. Providing your guests with fresh, delicious food is sure to keep them happy!  We have a whole range of food to choose from on our menu, so you can pick exactly what is right for you, your guests and event. 


Quality matters

Here at Indulge Catering, we pride ourselves on quality. Head Chef Ceri Wallace has many years of experience under her belt along with knowledge of a variety of delicious cuisines. All of our dishes are made using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to provide you with the highest quality, most flavourful food possible. All of our food, whether it’s for a buffet or a three course meal, is freshly prepared and delivered to you with extreme care. 


Bespoke service

If your event has been rescheduled and you are in need of someone to sort out the catering, we can offer you an entirely bespoke service. This means that the catering is completely designed to your wishes. No matter what style of event you are hosting, we can have the catering arranged with your favourite menu picks and any special requests so that you can relax and look forward to the day without any worries looming over you. 

For more information or if your event has been rescheduled and you would like some help in organising the catering, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.