Keeping Your Kitchen Organised

In many aspects of life, the more clean and organised an area is, the more productive you tend to be. The kitchen is one place that this certainly applies to. Having a tidy, well-organised kitchen is essential in allowing yourself to excel in preparing delicious food on a day-to-day basis. Keeping your kitchen organised involves everything from food to utensils, and we wanted to tell you about a few things you can do to make sure everything is kept neat and orderly.

You don’t want to slow down production

If your kitchen is poorly organised, this can hinder activity. For example, if you begin to prepare something, whether this is a fully cooked meal for the whole family, or if you’re baking some delicious goodies, poor organisation may result in losing things, or not realising that something is missing. This may be a particular ingredient needed in the food preparation, that you assumed you had but didn’t realise beyond the disorganisation of your fridge and cupboards, or maybe you need a container for whatever you have baked, but this has been misplaced due to the area being badly organised. The cleaner the kitchen, the better system and less hold ups you will have. Having a neat and tidy kitchen will reduce any stress and allow you to stay productive.


The kitchen should be spotless

As your kitchen is the place where all food is prepared and cooked, it is very important that it is kept clean and tidy at all times. Good organisation is key in ensuring that this is the case. Furthermore, the more neat and tidy you keep everything, the easier it is to clean, and therefore this will ensure that you are thoroughly cleaning every part of the kitchen and getting into every corner and part of it. One thing we would suggest is that maybe once a week, you do a real deep clean of the kitchen, where you wipe down absolutely every part of it. This will make you feel much better and provide a cleaner and safer environment for you to prepare your food in. This also includes sorting through your cupboards and getting rid of any unnecessary items.


Make it presentable

Some people have bigger kitchens, that are more of a social space and dining area as opposed to just being solely dedicated to preparing food. Perhaps you have a breakfast bar, or an island in the middle where guests can gather. If this is the case, you will want to ensure even more so that your kitchen is presentable and that you are creating a good impression. Good organisation makes for a very tidy and pleasing appearance.


Give everything a designated place

Whether this is a certain cupboard or drawer, corner of the worktops, or a shelf in the fridge. When everything has its own place, it gives you an easier life. You will get into a system of knowing where everything is, and it will be easier for you for example if you are looking for a certain ingredient, as you will know exactly where this is stored. Maybe you could have a cupboard dedicated to baking if this is something you do a lot, while another may be for things like glasses or plates. The same goes for your fridge. One shelf may be for all your fruit and veg, while another could be for meat. It doesn’t matter where you put things, as long as everything is assigned its own area. This is a great way to keep organised and on top of things. 


Don’t hold back, get creative!

Not everything has to be stored aware behind cupboard doors. Organising your kitchen is the perfect chance to get creative and change things up. Perhaps you could get some open shelving, or a hanging rack. Not only does this still keep things organised, but it’s also great for interior design and looks fantastic. If you have a colour scheme running through the kitchen, you could hang mugs to match with these colours. A consistent colour scheme immediately shows good organisation and makes the room look consistent. 

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