How You Can Sweeten Up Your Easter with Indulge Catering

indulge5_0With Easter just around the corner, we wanted to make you aware of one of our favourite sweet treats here at Indulge Catering. Popular with a lot of our customers, our fantastic selection of delicious jams are expected to be in high demand this Easter. Now you might be thinking, why jam? Well, although it may not be a traditional Easter treat, we think it’s the perfect sweet treat for you to enjoy and it’s also a great alternative delight to chocolate!

Why they’re the perfect Easter treat

Whether you buy the jams individually or get a batch, we have a lot to offer. Our jams are the perfect Easter gift to anyone with a sweet tooth. Not only that, sometimes it’s nice to get something a little different for someone, or maybe you know someone who isn’t a huge fan of chocolate or is perhaps trying to avoid eating it – well look no further, jam could be the perfect alternative!

The selection of jams we provide…

As jam is something we love to make for our customers, we make sure to provide a great selection with plenty of choices to suit your preferences. The jams we have to offer include:


  • Damson
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry and Champagne
  • Raspberry
  • Yellow Plum


These come in addition to a jelly textured jam that comes in the flavours of blackberry, apple plums and elderberry. As well as our jam, we also offer a selection of flavoured chutneys and marmalade for you to enjoy. Maybe these could pair well with your jam of choice!

Benefits of our jams

While jams can of course be quite sugary, they’re not all made in the same way. Ours are natural and homemade with care, and we try to make them more natural and less sugary than standard supermarket jams.

Jam is a great source of fibre and energy, and so it’s the perfect way to start the day. It’s a little extra treat for you to indulge in – why not switch things up and do a nice Easter breakfast? Maybe you could have some jam with your hot cross buns!


It’s always good to try something different, which is why we recommend this as a little alternative treat. If you’d like to purchase some of our jam, you can choose your flavour from the list above and our team will get it freshly made and ready to go. Speak to us today on 0131 241 6706 or 07932 008 305.