How to Make the Perfect Autumn Wedding Menu

When it comes to weddings, theming is incredibly important. Good, strong theming makes the day appear seamless, and really helps to enhance the overall atmosphere. Whilst the primary focus of theming is often on the decor, colour scheme and dress code, it can actually be applied to all aspects of the day, and a big part of this is the wedding menu. 

Choosing the perfect wedding menu can be difficult, as you want to please everybody, ensure that you are serving up delicious food to your guests, and also make sure that the menu is in keeping with the overall theme of the event. Having a seasonal theme tends to make this a little bit easier and gives you a clearer focus. Furthermore, autumn weddings are great for experimenting with your wedding menu, as there are all sorts of different things you can try and you can make sure to serve something delicious and fulfilling to your guests. 


Warm & cosy

Autumn is usually associated with being warm and cosy. This is something you can translate through your autumn wedding menu, as you can opt for foods that are warm and fulfilling. Autumn wedding menus tend to be the most popular, as you can go for more luxurious kinds of food that are going to leave your guests feeling happy. For example, you may have a selection of soups that your guests can choose from for starters, or for the main course you might serve up something like a stew. People like to indulge in comforting dishes throughout autumn, and this is definitely something you should base your focus around when creating the perfect autumn wedding menu.


Think seasonal

If you are having an autumn wedding, chances are that this will probably be sometime around Halloween. When creating a seasonal menu, holiday’s like this should be taken into account so that you can theme your menu well. One ingredient that is extremely popular throughout the autumn months, is pumpkin. 

Whilst pumpkin is quite different, it is a great food to experiment with, as you can use it in all kinds of different recipes. For example, you may opt for a pumpkin soup for your starter, or you could even serve pumpkin pie for dessert. Choosing seasonal ingredients is a great way to add an extra unique touch to your special day.


Cater to all

No matter what seasonal theming you have for your wedding menu, it is always important to make sure that you are catering to all. At your wedding, you want all of your guests to have the best time and the most memorable day possible. Therefore, you need to cater to everybody to ensure that everybody is enjoying all parts of the day to the maximum they possibly could. 

We would recommend trying a few different autumnal dishes and narrowing down your favourites, making sure that you have something to cater to everybody. For example, you might base your menu around certain ingredients, however if not everybody likes these ingredients, you are going to have some unhappy guests. You have to think about everybody’s own unique requirements and preferred tastes, as well as allergies and dietary requirements.


Get creative

The great thing about theming, particularly during autumn, is that it allows you to get really creative and put your own personal touch on the menu. You can go for good, hearty main courses to comfort your guests, but you can also be a bit more experimental and try some different dishes using your chosen autumnal ingredients. 

You may even make your own cocktail menu, choosing spirits and mixers that are classic autumn favourites. Little things like this show your guests that you have gone the extra mile to make the day really special, and this is something that they will always remember from the day. 

Though you may not realise it, the smallest details can have the biggest impact. Being creative with the finer details really enhances the day overall and helps you to create the perfect autumn wedding menu.

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