Christmas Hampers

Christmas is upon us and it is time to start planning !!

Seasonal hampers available starting at £15.00 for a bottle of wine, small Christmas Cake and 2 x 220 ml jars of either homemade jam, marmalade or chutney – you can decide from a variety of flavours or leave it to me to make your hamper up for you.

Christmas puddings start at £6.00 for a small, (4 – 6 people), £9.00 for a medium (6 – 8 people) and £12.00 for a large (8 – 12 people). Traditional, Gluten free and Vegan all available.

Christmas cakes have just been made so will be perfect for Christmas, or before if you can’t wait – again traditional, vegan and gluten free at a cost of £5.00 each.

Chutneys available:

Chilli Jam

Onion Marmalade

Greengage, Chilli and Ginger

Fruity Chutney

Spiced plum and port jam

Spicy crab apple and chilli

Apple and Cranberry – much better than the shop bought cranberry jelly!!

Apple butter – perfect with ham!

Jams available





Strawberry and Champagne



Marmalades available


3 Fruit

4 Fruit

Low sugar ginger



Luxury Whiskey

Lemon and Honey

various jar sizes available from 110 ml at £1.50, 220 ml at £2.50 and 330 ml at £3.00

all flavours are made when the fruit is in season so when it has gone, you will have to wait until next year so don’t delay

give me a call on 07932 008 305 or email me on