Celebrating a Christening? Here’s How We Can Help!

Christenings are a very special event and memorable milestone in the lives of yourselves and your children. It’s a celebration for friends and family as we witness your new baby receive a Christian blessing. As christening celebrations are often attended by lots of friends and family, organising a meal or buffet yourself can be quite a hands-on and stressful task, which is why catering companies such as ourselves are here to help you and take the task off your shoulders. You can rest assured that things will still be done exactly as you wish and you will have the influence over what sort of food is served and timings etc, however having someone else organise and get it all ready for you can be a really big help.

Special theming

Quite often after the christening service has taken place, people will host a further get together at a different venue or location, where food is usually served. Generally speaking, this tends to be buffets, but there can also be meals served. It is a great chance to do something a little different, or have a theme around the food. For example, you may have specially decorated cupcakes to commemorate the event and give it a personalised touch.

Buffets or hot meals

You may opt to provide a menu for your guests and have meals served to them, or if it is more of a casual and relaxed event, a buffet is always a popular and wise choice to go for. Of course, you want the day of the christening to be special, and having good food all ready and freshly prepared after the service can really help things flow and it gives you the opportunity to make the day that little bit more special, should you go for something themed or personal.

Ceri, our leading lady here at Indulge Catering, has a wealth of experience in meeting the requirements for christenings of all sizes, and going above and beyond to make the day extra special. All ingredients are locally sourced and of high quality to ensure that the food we prepare for you is fresh and delicious. You can see a few examples of previous menus we have served at christenings here in order to give you a little taste of what’s available to you. Furthermore, we can also provide some of the finest wine, champagne and beers after the service to allow the adults in attendance to celebrate with a drink.


You still have control

The great thing about catering, as with any event, but especially with a christening, is that it can all be organised in line with your preferences. The catering service will be set to suit your budget, whether that is big or small, but you can rest assured that it will leave all guests highly satisfied regardless and all food arrangements will run smoothly on the day.


It allows you to relax and enjoy the christening

Another thing to remember, is that if you are trying to organise the catering yourself, it can be very stressful and a lot of work. That is why there are companies out there like ourselves here at Indulge Catering to take that stress and planning away from you so that you can relax and enjoy the day. Of course, christenings are a very memorable and sentimental occasion, and so you want to be fully invested in this and enjoy the whole day without the stress of making sure that additional elements such as catering is organised and in place.

If you have an upcoming christening that you would like us to cater for, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help and start making the appropriate plans and arrangements.