5 Best Things About Christmas Dinner

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is a time to celebrate and spend time with your nearest and dearest, enjoy the festivities, and eat some really good food! It’s probably fair to say that on Christmas Day, one of the things that everybody looks forward to most, is a traditional Christmas dinner. From carving the turkey, to pulling the crackers, Christmas dinner truly is the highlight of the day and what’s even better is that you get to enjoy this amazing food surrounded by all of your loved ones.

With Christmas just a few weeks away now, we thought we would talk about some of our favourite things about Christmas dinner!


  1. Having the family all together

Undeniably, the most special part of Christmas is having the whole family together to celebrate and enjoy the day. Quite often, it is rare that we find opportunities to all get together with our families, but Christmas is the exception and the one day of the year where everyone can wind down, relax and have an amazing day with their loved ones. 

Furthermore, you may have family members that work away, or perhaps don’t live nearby. Christmas is a time where everybody comes home to be together, which is another thing that makes it so special. Christmas dinner truly brings everyone together, as you can all gather round one big table and enjoy an incredible, traditional meal with one and other.


  1. Pigs in blankets!

You simply can’t go wrong with pigs in blankets. Arguably the best part of a Christmas Dinner, pigs in blankets are one part of the big day that we look forward to each and every year. Who knew that small sausages wrapped in bacon could bring so much joy? 


  1. Carving the turkey

When you think of a Christmas dinner, the first thing that comes to mind is turkey. It is such a traditional part of the meal, often enjoyed with some delicious stuffing alongside it. Although there are a variety of different meats to choose from to have on your Christmas dinner, turkey is without doubt the most common, and the one that we look forward to enjoying and savouring every single year.


  1. A delicious Christmas pudding

A traditional Christmas pudding is the perfect way to round off your delicious Christmas dinner. It’s warm, festive, and very British. Christmas pudding actually originated in the UK, so it is something we take pride in and it shows real significance during the festive season. Although not to everybody’s taste, Christmas pudding is a truly classic part of Christmas dinner. 


  1. Pulling the crackers

Pulling crackers is a staple celebratory part of Christmas dinner. Although the crackers are generally filled with bad jokes that you’ve heard 100 times, small novelty gifts, and a coloured paper hat, it creates a real festive buzz around the dinner table and Christmas day simply wouldn’t be complete without them.

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