Scottish Food Culture: What Makes Us Different?

All over the world, different countries have all kinds of different traditions, in every way of life. Something that is significantly different from one country to another, is food. Every country has their own traditional dishes, and things they are renowned for around the rest of the world. This is a huge part of culture and is something that sets apart each and every country, giving them their own famous cuisines and trademarks. The variations of food and traditional dishes from all around the world are never ending, and here in Scotland, we have our own home comforts and notorious foods and traditions. 

As we take pride in our traditional Scottish foods, we thought we’d talk a bit more about some of them, and why they make us different from other countries… 


Scottish Culture

Scottish culture, or culture of any country, basically means traditions and symbolism associated with that place and the people that live there. These are the type of things that come straight to mind when you think of a particular place, and that are native to that place or originate from there.


Traditional Scottish food

When someone says traditional Scottish food, there are of course instant things that come to mind. Here in Scotland we take pride in our country’s traditions and famous food. There are many foods heavily associated with or native to Scotland, and we wanted to talk about a few of these as they aren’t just enjoyed in this country but also around the world. .



Although historically haggis was actually created by the English, it is probably the first thing people think of when it comes to traditional Scottish food. It is a food that is heavily associated with Scotland and in fact a big part of Scottish culture. It’s probably fair to say that haggis is quite an unusual type of food, and one with an acquired taste, however lots of people are keen to try it when they visit the country as it really is part of our culture. 


Scotch Broth 

As suggested by the name, Scotch Broth originates in Scotland, however it is something consumed in lots of different places, including all around the world. It’s a very traditional dish and has been enjoyed for centuries. Scotch Broth is quite a nourishing soup filled with root vegetables and usually cuts of lamb or beef.


Aberdeen Angus Beef

With such beautiful countryside and land all over our country, it’s only right that we grow and produce our own food and ingredients. One of our most notorious of these, is Aberdeen Angus Beef. The Angus is a Scottish breed of cattle that is native to Aberdeen, however Angus Beef is popular all over the country and is a famously Scottish meat. You tend to find that Aberdeen Angus Beef is much better quality than standard beef as it is marbled and therefore more tender and bursting with flavour, and this is what makes it such a popular Scottish food.



You will find shortbread just about anywhere, particularly in the UK, however it is traditionally a Scottish biscuit. Shortbread is a delicious sweet treat, which is why people devour it from all around the world, but it does originate in Scotland. It was developed by Scots through their adventurous and creative cooking techniques, and was always seen as a luxury treat around the time it was first created.


Scotch Whisky 

Finally, we couldn’t do a blog about traditional Scottish food culture without mentioning Scotch Whisky. Although not a food, it is something notoriously rooted from Scotland and is one of the finest variations of whisky you can get. All Scotch Whisky is aged in an oak barrel for several years before serving, as this contributes to its unique and infamous high quality taste.

These are just a few traditional Scottish foods, if you would like to know more or have any enquiries regarding our catering service, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!