Maranatha Convention in Warrington

The second of two conventions held in Warrington for approximately 20 attendees on each occasion. The workshops run over 3 days and Indulge Catering provided the evening meal for 2 nights – the first night we offered the delegates Hot Pot with red cabbage followed by sticky toffee pudding with sauce and cream and on the second night we offered them pork stroganoff with rice followed by steamed chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce and cream – there was a rush for seconds!! Vegetarian option was also available on each night. The food was very well received by everyone – Ceri served the food to the delegates on both nights and took away the plates and cutlery each night. The first convention had a different choice of menu but this was also prepared and served by Ceri from Indulge Catering.

If you have a convention that you would like to have a hot evening meal served to your delegates, please contaact Ceri on 01925 2110 64 or 07932 008305 or email me at and we can ensure that your delegates finish the day with a lovely homemade evening meal.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

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