How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Menu

Planning a wedding is an enjoyable, but very stressful process. You want every part of the day, down to the finest details, to be absolutely perfect. One thing that requires a lot of careful consideration, is what food to have on the menu for after the ceremony. From what type of food you want served to your guests, to who you want to prepare it, there is a lot to think about and you want to get it right. 

Although the big day is about you and your partner, it is also about your guests, and you want to make sure that they have an incredible time and that it is enjoyable and memorable for everyone. So, we thought we would give you a few helpful tips on how to pick the perfect wedding menu…


Something for everyone

The best way to cater to your wedding guests, is to have something for everyone on the menu. Try to make sure that it is appealing to people with different tastes and preferences, as well as dietary requirements of course. Not everybody attending your wedding will want to eat the same thing, so it is good to provide some options and let them choose what they would like. Furthermore, try to make the options quite varied, so that if someone doesn’t like a particular dish, they can opt for something completely different and more suited to their taste. 


Have a theme

Wedding menus don’t have to be simple and boring, but rather you can experiment and come up with ideas to make it creative and unique. Perhaps your wedding has a particular theme, and you can choose some set menus to incorporate into this so that it is all in keeping with the overall theme of the wedding. For example, perhaps you are having an autumn wedding, with all kinds of special touches to really create an autumnal kind of vibe in all aspects of the day. Why not make the menu fit in with this? You could go for dishes to make guests feel warm and cosy. 

The theme of your wedding is completely unique to you. However, as part of the wedding planning process, you can start to think about the menu and how you can make it fit in and be a little more exciting!


Choose food you love

There is nothing to stop you from making your wedding menu a selection of your favourite dishes – after all, the day is all about you and your partner! Not only does this make the day more tailored to you, but it is also a reflection of you as a couple, and the things you love and enjoy. Although you may be thinking selfishly and just choosing your favourite foods, there is still a variety for guests to choose from, so you can still provide food for all to enjoy!


Go menu tasting with your partner

A big part of creating the perfect wedding menu, is taste testing beforehand. You can go to caterers with ideas of what you would like served at your wedding, and they will prepare this for you to try, as well as suggest other food for you to sample. Menu tasting will help you to decide a lot in the lead up to your wedding, and really settle on the perfect menu that you want to provide for your guests. 

For more advice on picking the perfect wedding menu, or if you would like to speak to us about catering to your wedding, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!