How to Make Food Part of Your Celebration

Food is a significant part of any event. Regardless of what style of event you are hosting or attending, food is always part of the day in some way or another. Whatever you may be celebrating, you can always incorporate food into the day through a variety of different and exciting ways. For example, you could even theme your food in line with the event so that it is a little bit more personalised. Furthermore, whether the food on the day is a big part of your event or just a small addition, it still remains a part of your celebration in some way, shape or form and therefore is something that needs to be considered.

There are all sorts of different ways to make food a part of your celebration and determine how it becomes a big part of your day. We thought we would talk about a few ways you can use food to enhance your event. 


Occasion pieces

Depending on the type of event, you can use pieces of food as quite a central part of the day. One example of this is having a wedding cake. Cutting the cake is a momentous part of the day, therefore making food quite a significant feature of the event. Furthermore, this might also apply to things like baby gender reveal parties, as some people opt to have the gender reveal by cutting into a cake to see what colour it is on the inside. This makes the cake a really big, significant part of the occasion and therefore something you will put quite a lot of focus on.



Following on from having food pieces that are central to the occasion, that brings us onto theming. You can theme food with your event in just about any way you like. Whether this is decorative, again for example through icing on cakes, or it is seasonal and in keeping with the time of year the event is taking place, or you have a particular theme to the whole event and you want the food served to coincide with this. 

Having food themed with the event makes it a bigger part of your celebration. It gives more meaning and purpose and is a chance for you to experiment with new and exciting ideas that will leave your guests with something to remember.


Dining occasions

There are a whole host of events you could have. Some of these are very centred around food. For example, you may have a dining party, where a three course meal is served to you and your guests. This style of event gives food a bigger purpose and places more focus on it. Choosing the menu for a dining event is tricky as you want to find the perfect dishes and leave your guests feeling satisfied and impressed with the cuisine, whilst ensuring that you cater well to everybody.


Adding to the event

Whatever style of event you host, however big or small, you can use food to add to the event and make it a part of your celebration. How you do this is entirely up to you, but there are catering teams such as ourselves on hand to offer advice and let you know how you can incorporate food into your event in a more exciting and interesting way. 

For more information and advice or if you are hosting an event and would like us to help you with the catering, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.