Catering at Your Baby Gender Reveal Party

Here at Indulge Catering, we cater to a whole variety of events and special occasions. Whether this is more traditional events like weddings, or smaller, bespoke, themed parties. One particular type of event that has become very popular over the past couple of years, are baby gender reveal parties. This is a chance to celebrate new life and for the person expecting to find out with all of their loved ones around them, the gender of their baby. It is quite a fun and light-hearted style of event, and some people choose to turn it into a big party, whereas others like to keep it a little more subtle and private, and perhaps just have a gathering at there home where they invite loved ones and put on a buffet. 

However you decide to celebrate your baby gender reveal, having top quality catering services will enhance the day and ensure that everyone is happy, things run smoothly, and there is delicious food on offer for all. 


Boy or girl?

Gender reveal parties can be fun, as you can really get all of your guests involved and have unique ways for them to predict whether it is going to be a boy or girl. As well as this, with catering services on the day, you can make sure that your food and drink is themed to add more personalisation to the event. For example, you could have cupcakes, some with blue icing and some with pink icing, that friends and family can stick their names into to make a prediction, or champagne in blue or pink flutes, that guests can choose between on arrival. 

The opportunities to have themed sweet treats on display are endless. Perhaps you could set up a chart where you tally how many people vote that the baby is a boy vs how many vote that it is a girl. This could then link with the food being split into two sides, with one side all blue and one side all pink. More ideas for these delicious treats might include cookies with coloured icing, fruit dipped in blue or pink icing, blue and pink sweets, coloured candy floss, and much more!


Catering services on the day

Generally speaking, buffets are the most common type of catering for gender reveal parties. Although some people opt to go have a meal together in the build up, most people just host a bit of a party with a buffet on for everyone to enjoy along with themed goodies. This can be arranged for any size and scale of event, no matter if this is a small gathering at home or a bigger party at a designated venue. Wherever you choose to host your gender reveal party and no matter how big, getting a catered buffet arranged for the event is a sure way to keep all of your guests happy!


The big reveal…

You can get as creative as you’d like when it comes down to the actual reveal. Perhaps you have something unique and personalised in mind already, or you’ve discussed ideas that you may have seen before and like the look of. Some common gender reveals include a box of blue or pink balloons that you open together, or alternatively a big balloon that has lots of blue or pink confetti in it when you pop it, or if you’re hosting the event outdoors, you could even have a smoke bomb to reveal coloured mist. 

However, one of the most popular ways to do the big reveal, is to have a cake. This will be covered in icing of a neutral colour, and on top of that, decorated however you would like. Then, for the big reveal, you cut into the cake and when you remove the first slice, the cake will be either blue or pink indicating whether the baby is a boy or girl. 

Whichever way you wish to do your baby gender reveal, it will without doubt be very special and exciting for you and all of your loved ones around you. If a cake is something you are interested in, this can be arranged through a catering company such as ourselves so that the cake is decorated and ready for the big day. 

If you would like to know more or are interested in having us cater to your gender reveal party, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!