A Sportsman’s Dinner

Are you hosting an event aimed at those with a passion for sport? Sportsman’s dinners are a really special kind of event and a great opportunity to bring people together that have similar interests. A lot of the time, they are hosted as fundraising events to raise money for charity, making it an all round fantastic thing to be a part of. Furthermore, sportsman’s dinners sometimes involve special guests, too. This may be people like well-known professional football or rugby players, that do things like talks and Q&A’s to keep the audience entertained and make the event even more exciting.

Why we support sportsman’s dinners

As we mentioned above, the best part of sportsman’s dinners aside from them being the perfect get together for sports fanatics, is that they are held with the purpose of raising money for charity. Due to the high volume of guests usually in attendance, it’s key to serve up some delicious food for them to enjoy, and this is where we come in!

Traditionally, these kind of events entail a three course meal. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a buffet as well! Sportsman’s dinners can have a lot going on, so if it’s carrying on into the night you may want to give guests the option to grab a little bite to eat later on from a lovely finger buffet, with small snacks such as finger sandwiches and cakes.

The importance of good catering

If you are the one planning the event, you probably have a lot on your hands already. Of course, one of the main parts of a sportsman’s dinner is arranging the food, and we want you to be able to relax and rest assured that we will take control of the catering and have everything planned and prepared to your wishes. This event is essentially a dining experience, and so serving high quality food is something that is really going to impress your guests.

We can provide a menu for you and your guests with a selection of delicious courses for you to choose from. Once guests have chosen their meals, we will freshly prepare them to the time you choose and provide table service for everyone at the event. You want this sportsman’s dinner to be memorable and enjoyable, and we’re here to help you make this happen. Our professional service will allow you to relax and enjoy the event with one less thing to worry about!

If you would like us to cater for your sportsman’s dinner event, please get in touch with us on 0131 241 6706 or 07932 008 305, or alternatively you can send an email to ceriwallace@talktalk.net and we will be more than happy to help and discuss details and arrangements with you.