Knutsford Market Sunday, 1st May - Jams, Marmalades and Chutneys for sale

Sunday, 1st May is Knutsford's next market. I will be in Silk Mill Street selling delicious homemade jams, marmalades, chutneys, cordials and gluten free cakes. Come along and sample before you try. Special offers are 3 x 220 ml jars £6.50 or 4 x...Read more

Lunch Buffet for Assoication of Teachers and Lecturers

Buffet Lunch in a Bag

Buffet for Association of Teachers and Lecturers Seminar

All set for a busy day catering for 150 teachers and lecturers for their seminar on Saturday. 150 delegates attending with a welcome tea and coffee during registration and then a buffet lunch at 12....Read more

Buffet for 21st Birthday

Jamaican Lamb Curry, Beef Bourguignon and Vegetarian Lasagna - all dishes chosen by Nikki for her 21st Birthday Celebration party at the weekend....Read more

Thank you for the buffet (Sue's 50th)

Huge thanks to Ceri Wallace for cooking the amazing buffet! Everyone loved it!   Thank you for asking me to cater for you Sue!! It was my pleasure     Read more

Bring Me Lunch buffets

Indulge Catering is working with Bring me Lunch to provide excellent buffets to your work place. As Bring Me Lunch is a larger organisation, you can order buffets from all over the country. In Warrington, Indulge Catering provides high class...Read more

50th Birthday celebration

Sue celebrated her 50th Birthday on Saturday and invited 70 of her friends to King's cafe in Altrincham for a party. Indulge Catering provided the buffet - cold salmon, roast ham, roast chicken stuffed with couscous, pinenuts and apricots, potato...Read more

Easter Buffets

Very busy easter weekend for buffets. An impromptu celebration for a birthday girl ! After a great day out with her friends they all came back to her house but Mum decided that she wanted a caterer to provide a buffet to make the day less...Read more

All ready for a Children's Party!!